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Bulgaria is in the South-East of Europe, in the Eastern part of Balkan Peninsula. Four European transport corridors, which connect West and North of Europe with Eastern and Southern part of the continent, cross here. The location of the country on the Balkans is a privilege to provide free access to a market of 500 million customers, due to agreements for free trade with EU, former Eastern Europe countries and former soviet republics. Since 1955 Bulgaria has been a member of UN. Since 2005 the country is member of NATO and since 2007 a member of EU.

Area: 110 993 6 km2
Population: 7 679 290
Capital: Sofia
Official language: Bulgarian
Political system: Parliamentary Republic

The crossroad geographic location of Bulgaria is determined by the five Trans-European corridors between Europe, Asia and Africa which pass through. They are: road corridors №4 from Scandinavian countries through Poland and Hungary to Greece; №8 from the Adriatic Sea to Black sea; №9 from Scandinavian countries through Saint Petersburg and Kiev to Greece and Turkey; №10 from West and Central Europe to India and the river corridor №7 from North Sea to Black Sea on the Danube.
The climate is temperately continental (from 2000 to 2400 sun hours yearly) with four seasons: cold and sometimes humid winter with snowfalls and an average temperature of 0°C, mild and more frequently humid spring; hot, dry summer with average temperatures 23°C and mild sun autumn. The average annual temperature is 10,5°C.

“HAMMER 2000” LTD is one of the leading firms in the local and foreign market in Bulgaria in the area of wild growing products. The main activity of “HAMMER 2000” LTD is buyout, cookery and selling of wild growing mushrooms and fruits.

To increase realization and strengthen the quality of Bulgarian wild growing and ecologically clean products of domestic and foreign market.


High quality of the products:
– wild growing mushrooms and fruits from ecologically clean regions;
-ecologically clean foods, containing significant quantities of vegetable fats, pectin, wax, mineral salt and especially microelements, needed for good metabolism in human organism;
– perfectly cleaned products;
– plenty of wild growing fruits and mushrooms in Bulgaria;

High quality of the servicing:
– express supply of fresh mushrooms by plane – for 48 hours from the picking to the final client;
– strategic location of the base for processing in Sofia (20 minutes from Sofia airport, access to the first class road network);
– own network for buyout of wild growing products. Stations in the regions of: Belogradchik – 5; Berkovitsa – 6; Kustendil – 5 and Samokov – 4. There is a purchaser-qualifier, permanent pickers as well as buyout goods from local population in every station.
– well equipped bases in the territory of the country. The goods is cleaned and processed in the stores of the company according to the requirements of the clients.
– own transport for collection and transportation of wild growing products from the stations to the base for processing;
– express supply of fresh mushrooms by plane – for 48 hours from the picking to the final client;
– trained labour force. The company has professional buyers and pickers for identification and correctly gathering of wild growing mushrooms and fruits.
– flexibility and speed of sales;
– preliminary contracting and realization of different products according to the season;
– personal contracting of the ways of payment and the price of the products;

“EkoBulgarplod” Ltd. is a member of the “Association of processors of wild mushrooms and berries in the Republic of Bulgaria (certificate is shown in” Sertifkati “).

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