Wild Black blueberry

Wild Black blueberry well cleaned fruits, without earth or handles, solo frozen at -45°C, without injured or smashed fruits.

Packed in nylon bags of 10 kilograms net weight in box or paper bags of 25 kilograms net weight.


The black blueberry is a semi-bush, 10-40 cm height with greatly branched thin ribbed stems. The leaves are with short stalks, consecutive, light-green, egg-shaped, and crenate. The blossoms are located singly. The fruit is a spherical bluish-black strawberry with many seeds and with pleasant sour-sweet taste and lightly astringency. It blooms from May to July. The fruits are used for medical purposes. The black blueberry is spread on high mountains over altitude, in coniferous and broad-leaved forests and pastures. (VІ-ІХ)