Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa)


It is strongly branched thorny bush, high of 1—3 m, with dark-grey bark. The leaves are elliptical to conversely egg-shaped, 2—4 cm long, crenate. The blossoms are white, very often single, diameter of 1,5—2 cm, with length of the stalk 5—6 mm. The calyx and corolla are five-foliar, and the stamens are numerous. The fruit is pit, spherical to elliptical, dark-blue with bluish wax coating and astringency-sour taste. It blooms before coming into leaf in March – April.
It is spread in bushes, on boundaries in the zone of oak forests, in the lowlands and mountains of the whole country to 1200 m altitude. (VІІІ – Х)