Rose hip (Rosa canina)

Hip – wild, well cleaned fruits, without earth or twigs, solo frozen at -45°C, without injured or smashed fruits.

Packed in paper bags of 25 kilograms net weight.

Qualities: original A – without short handles on the fruits, original B – with short fruit handle.


The dog rose is spread in thin forests and stony slopes. It is a bush with height of 2 – 3 m with branched stems covered with great number of crescent-shaped turned prickles. The leaves are consecutive, unpair-pinnate. The blossoms are white or pink, single or on 2 – 3 located on the tops of the twigs. It blooms from May to July. The fruits are monospermous nuts collected in vermilion unreal fruit (hip), formed by the grown flower bed. The dog rose contains vitamines – C (0,5?2%), B1, B2, K, P and fruitsugar, pectin, organic acids etc. The fruits are used for medical treatment with herbs. (VІІ – Х).

Rose hip (Rosa canina)