Boletus edulis

During the months June – July – August – September – October we buy out and cook high mountain Boletus Edulis for fresh export, as we cook her two ways – sliced or whole, with diameter of the hat from 4sm to 9sm, with cleaned stem, without earth, leaves and worm mushrooms.


In the beginning the hat is semi- spherical, later patent to almost flat; diameter of 5-20 /25/cm, light-brown, grayish-brown, brown, dry. The tubules are whitish, yellow to yellow-green. The pores are small, round, one-coloured with the tubules. At the young representatives the stump is egg-shaped, then conversely paddle-shaped or almost cylindrical, 7-12 /20/ х 4-6 cm, whitish to light-brown, with white embossed net on the surface, the best expressed under the hat. The meat is white; it does not the colour at injuring, with mushroom smell and pleasant taste. The spore dust is yellow -brown. It grows in coniferous, mixed and broad-leaved forests,( V-XI).
It is an excellent edible mushroom. It is very similar to edible mushrooms – Pine edible boletus /Boietus pinophilus/ and Oak edible boletus /Boietus aestivalis/.

There is not a poison double.