Calocybe gambosa

During April – May we buy out Calocybe Gambosa. For fresh export we cook mushroom with size of the hat from 1,5sm to 5sm, circumcised stem without wormsand without pieces of earth or leaves, well cleaned. The mushrooms with bigger sizes than 5sm we dry or freeze on cubs.


In young state the hood is semi-spherical, and in developed state – almost flat, reaching to 10 cm in diameter. Its colour is whitish, ochre to cream-coloured. The pellicle is dry and velvety. At first the edge of the hood is tucked up and later – upright and repand.
Lamellas are thick and marrow, white or cream-coloured. They are not connected to the stem and they are relatively fragile. They are situated far one from other. The stump is cylindrical, long and resilient with lend of 4 – 8 cm. The center has the form of a bud in the flat developed hoods. The form of the young mushrooms is bell-shaped. The maximal diameter is from 5 cm to 6 cm.The meat of the May mushroom is thick, dense and white with smell of flour and pleasant taste. It grows in the periphery of broad-leaved, coniferous and mixed forests, on meadows and pastures. (ІV – V)
It is a very edible mushroom that is used in fresh condition and preserved.

Poison double: no

Dry Calocybe gambosa (first quality)