Cantharellus cibarius

During the months May – June – July we collect and cook Cantharellus cibarius, by sorting it at small size from 1,5sm to 2sm diameter of the hat, medium size – 2sm-5sm, and bigger size of the hat from 5sm to 8sm, with circumcised  stem, without earth, twigs and worm mushrooms.


In the beginning the hat is protruding, later concave to funnel-shaped, diameter of 1-10 cm, and light yellow to yellow-orange. The edge is repand. The nerves are strongly descending on the stump, thin, forkedly branched, yellow. The stump is cylindrical, 2-7 х 1-2 cm, yellow. The meat is whitish or pale-yellow, with fruit smell and pleasant taste. The spore dust is light-yellow. It grows in coniferous, mixed and broad-leaved forests, (VI-XI).
The mushroom is very edible.



1.Small (Gourmet) – from 1sm to 3sm

2.Medium (Standart) -from 3sm to 5sm

4.Large (Golden Giants) – 5sm+

And something beautiful:

Dry Chantarellus cibarius

1.Light Original


2.Dark Original


Also we offer: 

4. Frozen Chantarellus cibarius

  • till 3 sm
  • till 5sm
  • Cuts

5.Milled Chantarellus cibarius in salt