Cantharellus cinereus

Hat – Funny. Gray to gray-black, in dry weather lighter to beige. The surface is dry, finely lustrous. The edge is slightly subdued and wavy. Diameter up to 6 cm.

Punche – Cylindrical but thinning near the base. Gray-black. The surface is dry and wrinkled. Coke and trumpet. Height up to 10 cm.

Meat – Thin and brittle. Gray-black. No special smell and taste.

Spores – Spore pollen is white to pale gray.

Habitats – Deciduous forests. Fruit-eating groups of stubborn fruit bodies. Season – from the beginning of the summer to the end of autumn. Uncommon, but occasionally fruitful.

The Cantharellus cinereus  can easily be mistaken for the Trumpet, which grows in the same habitats and is a more common species.