Lactarius deliciosus


The diameter of the hood is from 6 to 12 cm. In the beginning it is flat- protruding, later – patent. In the middle it is concave. It has widely funnel-shaped. Its colour is orange-red with deeper, often greenish, concentrically located ring-shaped stripes. The surface is flat and naked, in damp time – poorly sticky. The edge is thin, tucked in. Its high reaches to 2 – 8 cm with diameter of 1 to 3 cm. The meat is with thick texture, but it is fragile and easy breakable. It is coloured in different shades of the orange colour. At injuring, it becomes green and after 10-20 minutes it becomes dark-cherry-red colour.
The Saffron milky-cap grows in coniferous forests and more rarely in broad-leaved forests. (VІІ – ХІ).
The mushroom is with high gustatory qualities and pleasant aroma of the fruits.

Poison double: Mossy mushroom (Lactarius torminosus)