Morchella Esculenta

In the beginning of the season during April we start the collecting of Morchella Esculenta “conica”and “esculenta”, and her cookery for fresh export – sorted with circum stem and cleaned from twigs and earth. The injured mushrooms we dry or freeze.


The hat is egg-shaped, lightly narrowed in the upper third part. The surface is similar to net. The mushroom is high with dark-yellow color. The stump is high of 3-4 cm, wide of 1-2 cm, folded in large parts with color of the hat. The fruit meat is white; with granulate structure, very thin and fragile, delicious. It grows in alkaline and clay soils, on old burnt out areas, lightened glades, under bushes, on mowed meadows, willows, as it prefers regions of forest kinds of elm, ashl and poplar. More often it is under fallen leaves. (ІV – V).

The Morchella is an edible mushroom, with strong aroma, suitable for soups and seasoning after drying.

Kinds of Morchella: Peaked (Morchella Conica), Round (Morchella Esculenta)

Poison double: no